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About Jeanette

I continue to enjoy the substantial and ongoing benefits of using Yuan Qigong and REN XUE on my own life.  I have experience in Western health care, alternative education and are registered as a counsellor with the New Zealand Association of Counsellors, with a current practice.

From my experiences of helping people, it's clear to me that we are very fortunate indeed to have the excellent and necessary system of Western healthcare to support our lives.  Without it, the overall health of society would not have continued to develop in a beneficial way over the last century.  During my time working as part of this system, including two years training as a medical specialist, I observed how people struggled with health conditions of all kinds, some of which seemed to have no cure.  This fueled my interest in how life works, what causes illness, how healing works and what exactly does a healthy life look like.  It was clear from my own experience of life that there was so much more to understand.

Travelling with my heart, I chose to take a break from medicine while my children were in their early years.  This turned into the adventure of home education for over a decade.  With our excellent education system underpinning our society and culture, this was another opportunity to examine and question how we live and how we learn, noticing the many many good things and also wondering how things could be different.

During this time, I began learning REN XUE and trained as a Zhineng Qigong teacher.  From my first qigong practice, I noticed improvement to both my physical health and the calmness of my mind. This continued to improve with every practice and built a solid foundation in my life.  When the training changed to Yuan Gong,  I experienced an acceleration in the quality of my physical health, my Qi and my ability to make change on the level of thinking and consciousness.   I find I am able to make effective change to my habitual and unhealthy attitudes, ways of thinking and beliefs, transforming them to healthier ways of being.   I am also able to continue to develop all the wonderful and good qualities and ways that are who I am, including my heart.  The result is that my life has become lighter and brighter with a beautiful depth, and this process continues to develop.   Using Yuan Gong and REN XUE, I truly feel like I can be the master of my own destiny.  Good health, happiness, a strong sense of well-being, and growth and development of life, and contribution are on-going realities for me.

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Please note that Jeanette is now not practicing medicine, and is no longer registered as a medical or other health practitioner in New Zealand.  Jeanette seeks to support rather than replace the care of your existing physician, counsellor, therapist, acupuncturist or other health professional.