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First and Second Methods

This class is for the practice of the first and second methods, as well as the supplementary exercises.

We also explore the heart and patterns of the consciousness.  The class runs according to the needs of the group.

This class is held in Stoke.

Next Class: 6 Week Introductory Series

Thursday's 6.30 - 8 pm

27 February - 2 April (school term 1).

Learn the first and second methods, supplementary exercises, and REN XUE.

Learn methods for relaxing and calming the mind, gaining more energy, sleeping better and how to begin to work on your heart and internal patterns.


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Xin Support Group

For some people, working on the heart can be extra challenging. If that is you, then this group is designed with you in mind.


A weekly semi-structured and trauma-informed REN XUE support group, for working on patterns of the heart (Xin).


We'll connect together in the present moment to identify and understand our state, as well as how to change this for the better.


Why? Compassionate understanding of our current state accelerates acceptance and then openness. This gives us more strength to change. As we keep opening our heart to ourselves, we get to feel self-love.

How? Using REN XUE as well as supplementary insights from Western science and therapy, as well as the magic ingredient - lots of accepting and encouraging each other.

Limited to 9 participants,

using the Zoom app

(NB: this group is not a replacement for your usual therapy).


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