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Good health,

Happiness & joy,

A strong sense of well-being,

Growth & development of life


Heal, maintain and develop your precious Life.


To comprehensively improve our health and wellbeing, we need to work on our Qi.  Specifically, we need to improve the amount, the flow and the quality.  To improve the quality of our Qi, we need to understand what our mind, our consciousness is, and how to use it wisely.

The question that then arises is, what is a wise way of using our consciousness?  How do I really know that my beliefs are aligned with nature or even, what is it?

REN XUE teaches us about nature and about using our consciousness in a way that is healthy and aligned with nature.  The teachings cover a wide range of topics that we come across in everyday life, for example; what is healthy love, the meaning of trust, relationships, how we view our life, success and failure and society and much much more.   They come from a holistic perspective, that is, understanding our interconnectness with each other and the universe.


What is the outcome of using REN XUE?

Many people have been using Ren Xue for over a decade now, and the results are positive.  Health conditions have improved or cleared, levels of energy have increased, attitudes have become more positive, and the ability to develop healthy qualities in life as well as change unhelpful ways of being have improved significantly.  As well people have found that life has become more joyful with a stronger sense of well-being and overall people have found they have a sense of clarity, purpose and wisdom about life.

What is REN XUE?

The intention and heart behind REN XUE is the development of wisdom and harmony in our lives, in society and with nature.  REN XUE is both a science and an art for improving and uplifting life. 

REN XUE is the first science in history to include all aspects of life.  It is drawn from many broad areas of human endeavour, from the past until the present.  These include traditional Chinese wisdom culture such as Daoism, Confucianism, qigong, Buddhism, traditional Chinese medicine, I-Ching philosophy, feng shui, taiji, bagua, and martial arts along with modern philosophy, medical science, science and technology.

How is REN XUE different to other healing practices?

​All cultures have healing practices.  In western society, there are currently three general types of healing practices. 

The first is western medicine, with a focus on the body and underpinned by studies of anatomy and physiology, as well as studying the patterns of disease and illness. 

The second are counselling / psychotherapy / psychology.  These focus on what is happening for a person (inside them and in their environment) and work with the way a person thinks and acts to make change in a healthy direction.

The third are alternative practices.  There are many different types, however, they exist because they are effective in some way.  If they weren't effective, they would have eventually died out.

These three healing modalities tend to focus on different aspects of our human existence.  Western medicine on our physical existence, counselling etc. on our consciousness and alternative practices on our Qi condition.  Body - Consciousness - Qi.  They are all important healing practices for our society, and we wouldn't want to be without them.

REN XUE provides us with a comprehensive understanding of human life, where the Body- Consciousness - Qi aspects are comprehensively addressed at a fundamental level and made sense of as one.  It provides a theoretical framework for understanding ourselves and our place in the universe.  Ren Xue gives us safe and effective tools to heal, maintain and develop our lives, and provides a picture of what health looks like - Good health, Happiness, A strong sense of well-being, Growth & development of life. 


REN XUE has been created by Yuan Tze from the accumulated wisdom of humanity.  Like all things, it will continue to grow and develop as we grow and develop as people and a society.

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Also check out the websites for Ren Xue Australasia, Americas and Europe.





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