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Totality Healing & Yi-Qi Technique

Bring yourself back to balance and harmony

Be empowered to take charge of your life


Totality Healing and Yi-Qi technique are intended to educate and assist you in bringing yourself back to balance and harmony, and to empower you to take charge of your own life.

What is totality healing?

In essence, we come together to talk.


We look at what you would like to heal, change or grow in your life.  If you are not clear about what that might be, I can help you explore and clarify what it is that you are wanting.  To make the changes you have identified, we look for the root causes of problems.  We then look at ways to change these unhelpful roots into healthier more life-affirming ways of being.  At the same time, we also figure out what going well for you and look at how to continue to grow the beautiful qualities that make you you.

Holistic Therapy

Although we are talking together, Totality Healing is a practice that uses the mind, heart, language, Qi and Qifield to create a positive change in your life.  This means as we talk, we use our good qualities to build life and use the Qifield to help support change.  I transmit qi when we are together.  You do too.

Root Causes

What are these root causes and where are they?   The root causes to problems in our life can be found in our consciousness and heart, and these affect our qi and our physical condition.  Together we explore what parts of your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behaviour, current ways of being and previous experiences might be negatively affecting you. Then together we figure out effective ways to begin to make change to these.  We also look at your ways of being that are deeply life-affirming, and explore ways to continue to develop these wonderful qualities.   Part of this is examining the five essential qualities in our hearts; trust, openness, love, gratitude and respect & humility, and working out how to nurture and grow these.  


Interconnected Present Moment

All this work is done in the present moment, about what is happening for you right now.  The work also recognises the connection of everything, so we talk about the patterns we have. Our brains and bodies are wired in neural networks and these are the patterns that we work on.  Our patterns are also connected with others and nature.  We are looking for the unhealthy patterns so they can be transformed, and we are looking for the wonderful healthy patterns, so they can be developed and grown further.


Qi and Qifields

As humans, we are transmitting qi to each other all the time, more or less.  Have you ever had the experience of being with someone very upbeat, and coming away feeling good, or someone very calm, and coming away with that calmness.  Similarly, being around people who are not feeling so good, can sometimes leave us feeling that way too.  Why does this happen?  We pick up the information in each other's Qifield, and when we resonate with it, we begin to feel that state.  The same thing happens with the environment. Have you been places that feel wonderful, and others that you'd rather not visit again?   Again, it is the information in the Qifield of that place that we pick up on.  Like being in a soup pot, we are naturally drawn to soup pots that feel good.  Modern science explains this with our mirror neurons, how internally we are able to pick up on the external and mirror it.


The most important factor in our own Qifield is ourselves.  We use our own consciousness and heart to create the Qifield inside us.  Learning how to create a healthy Qifield, by working on our patterns is the key to creating a very good life.  This is about learning how to be putting in good ingredients, and transforming that ones that aren't so healthy for life into something better.  The five essential qualities of the heart underpin our work.  Self-trust, being open to ourselves, self-love, gratitude to ourselves, and self-respect and humility.  Often we need to work on these too.  These qualities are qualities we use in our interactions with others, so our work is not self-absorbed, but about creating a good life for ourselves, so we can be creating a good life for others too.

What is Yi-Qi technique?

Yi-Qi therapy address our qi condition to improve the amount, flow and quality of your Qi.   The aim with Yi-Qi therapy is to create an optimum environment in your body for healing to take place, and to activate and strengthen your body's self-healing ability.


You sit comfortably and I transmit qi to your body.  This can be done in person, or by distance healing.  When we do totality healing, formal Yi-Qi therapy can be done during the session.  However, in reality the qi transmission occurs all the time together.  Yi-Qi technique is done without physically touching you.


Working together

The healing effectiveness of Totality Healing and Yi-Qi Therapy is based on a relationship of trust, mutual respect, understanding and growth.  We are working on the root causes, so although some people can begin to feel remarkably better immediately, the general experience is that there is solid steady progress over time.  Together we will examine how you are progressing, to check your progress and check that you are on track. 


Between sessions

Change comes about by actively doing something differently.  To make healthy change to life, your task it to put into practice the new patterns we've identified, and to practice taking care of your Qi and using Yuan Qigong practice.  I will support you in coming up with a plan that is achievable for you, and to support you in ways to encourage yourself.   For most people, the positive effect from Yuan Qigong practice and Totality Healing is self-motivating.   Making effective change to our lives is an enjoyable and empowering process.

What are other people's experiences with REN XUE?

If you would like to find out more about working on your patterns with REN XUE, you can read the book, Well-being begins with you.  This has many varied stories of peoples healing experiences as they work on their qi and consciousness.  Also see the website, https://renxueamericas.org/about/personal-stories/


Are there any risks?

In principle, Totality healing and Yi-Qi therapy do not have 'side effects' like the way some medicines can.  Qi reactions, or healing reactions are possible.  These are reactions that occur as the unhealthy Qi shifts out of your body.  Please read more about qi reactions here.  I also follow a Code of Conduct with Ren Xue.


Am I suitable?

If I meet with you and feel that your health condition is unsuitable for what I offer, I will do my best to refer you to someone who I think would help you better.  This is particularly around the area of severe mental health issues. 


Do you work with other health practitioners?

REN XUE, Yuan Qigong, Totality healing and Yi-Qi therapy are complementary practices.  They are not a replacement for your usual health care.  If you are struggling with a serious illness, they can support you, however they are not a replacement for the good health care that we have in our society.  As humans, we are a complex form of life and healing realistically often requires support from many directions.  However, the support they offer can be excellent, and for many people qualitatively different from what they have experienced before.  For some people, their experiences are beyond what they would have ever expected, you can read about these here https://renxueamericas.org/about/personal-stories/  and here Well-being begins with you.

How much does it cost?

A one hour session, in person or on-line is $90.  Payment through internet banking is preferable.

Contact Jeanette for more information or to book a session.

How does this fit with neuroscience?

We are like a wiring system.  We have trillions of nerves in our brain and spinal cord, they are connected with our whole body, and they interact back and forward and influence each other.  These nerves, or neurons are connected together in groups.  When they fire off together, they fire in a particular way, or in a pattern.  Some of this wiring is hard wired when we're born - patterns to survive such as the need to eat, sleep and be with other humans.  This like the operating system on your computer.  Other wiring patterns we've learnt, particularly in our first 1000 days. This is like the software, or the programs or apps on our computer or devices.  If we learnt early on that life is safe, we are valuable, worthwhile, and lovable people, we will be that way for the most of our lives.  The reality is that human society is still developing, and we've learnt some great things about ourselves and other people, and also things about ourselves and others that are not so life affirming.  These are not always so easy to change as they are at a deeper level.  What does a deeper level mean?


Do you remember learning to drive a car?  The first time you needed to concentrate hard on each aspect of driving; the brake, the steering, watching the road ahead.  With practice, this became automatic and you no longer needed to think what to do, it just happened automatically when you drive, and still does.   As humans we learn this way and practice makes permanent.  So when we're tiny children, what we learn becomes deeply wired in and as we get older, we are not specifically aware of the deep learning that we have taken on about ourselves. The way we treat ourselves at a deep level just automatically happen inside us.  This is great for the healthy ways of being that we have.  It also means that it takes work to change the less healthy patterns we have wired in.


Fortunately neuroscience tells us that our brains are able to be rewired over the course of our whole lives.  Working on our patterns aims to change this unhealthy wiring, and by working on our Qi, it makes this change much faster or even possible in the first place.



Please note that Jeanette is now not practicing medicine, and is no longer registered as a medical or other health practitioner in New Zealand.  Jeanette seeks to support rather than replace the care of your existing physician, counsellor, therapist, acupuncturist or other health professional.