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The intention and heart behind REN XUE is the development of wisdom and harmony in our lives, in society and with nature.  REN XUE is both a science and an art for improving and uplifting life.

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What is Qi?

Qi is the building block of life.

Everything in the universe is made of Qi, including us.  Qi is made up of energy, information and material.  In our bodies we have a whole Qi system.  Just like the  cardiovascular system with the heart and blood vessels, this Qi system has channels and pools, which we can see  in acupuncture diagrams.

Physical illness comes from deficient, blocked or low quality Qi.  Through Yuan Gong Qigong practice and Yi-Qi technique, we can replenish and unblock our Qi, as well as improving it's quality.  We learn how to heal ourselves!

Yuan Gong Qigong

Experience Healing and Growth.

The Yuan Gong system has nine methods, for working on our Qi, our hearts, our consciousness and our overall state of being.

A modern system for people in this era, they're pleasant to practice, and easy to fit into modern life. The shortest practice on mp3's is 22min, yet highly effective.

A theoretical base underlies REN XUE and Yuan Gong, with the theories of Qi, Consciousness and Totality.

Group Classes

Practice together for Well-being

Group classes can be a mix of Yuan Gong practice, healing and pattern work, or may be more specific for working on a particular aspect of life.  For example the heart or patterns.

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