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Yuan Qigong

What is Yuan Qigong?

Yuan Qigong is a comprehensive system of Qigong that improves the amount, flow and quality of our Qi.  It has a solid theoretical base.  It is also an experience of life.

Why practice Yuan Qigong?

To comprehensively improve our health and well-being, we need to work on our Qi.  Specifically, we need to improve the amount, the flow and the quality.


We can imagine this like a river.  Picture a healthy river.  It has plenty of water and the water flows in a natural way.  The quality of the water is very pure, we can drink it and it tastes amazing. 


It is the same with our Qi.  In a healthy life, we have plenty of Qi, it flows smoothly with no blockages and the quality of it is beautiful.  Currently, for most people, we need to improve the amount of Qi that we have and unblock any blockages in our Qi system.  We also need to improve the quality of it.  We can do these things with Yuan Qigong practice.   By doing this we begin to feel better.  Our health, our happiness and our sense of well-being improve.

Yuan Qigong is beautiful, effective and easy to learn.  It can also be modified while remaining effective for people with many sorts of health conditions.  For example, if its not possible to practice standing, we can practice sitting and if sitting is challenging then practicing lying down is fine.  If some movements are not possible due to a health condition, then the practice can be easily adjusted to a level that is right for you and your condition.


To fit with the requirements of modern people, the methods can easily be practiced at home, and a short practice can bring substantial benefits.

What are the methods of Yuan Qigong?

Yuan Qigong is made up of nine methods that work systematically and comprehensively from the outside to the inside.

More information can be found at


Ren Yuan

The third method

Being free and natural; Enjoying the wonder of life